• Developed andenes which were irrigated terraces making land usable for farming (Burland 26)
    • Built stone retaining walls to hold the soil called terraces (Burland 26)
    • Mountain streams were diverted to run along the terraces (Burland 26)
    • Slabs of stone were laid across the water channels to regulate the amount of water distributed to each terrace (Burland 26)


  • Specific crops were grown on different levels of the andenes (McEwan 23)
    • Top terrace, Suni - potatoes and crops which could withstand the cold (McEwan 23)
    • Bottom terrace, Quechua – bean and maize (McEwan 23)

  • Foods that were grown:
    • Oca, potatoes, mashua, ulluco, maize, kaniwa, quinoa, amaranth, squash, chili peppers, cassaua and quinoa (McEwan 23)

  • Diet primarily consisted of fish, vegetables, nuts and maize, occasionally supplemented with cuyes and camelids (McEwan 23)



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