1) The Inca never utilized the wheel

2) Road Building:
◘ important to establish communication throughout the huge empire
◘ the Inca emperors built a 16,000-km network of stone roads
◘ to get messages from village to village, trained runners carried official messages, working in relays to cover up to 400 km per day
◘ in certain places they were eight feet wide and other shrank to less that one foot wide.
◘ the roads were designed as a series of steps to enable travelers to mount very steep slopes
◘ they were designed for foot travel and llama pack trains
◘ along the road were small settlements called tambos which provided inns for road travelers

3) Bridges:
◘ between Inca cities there were deep river gorges, so the Inca built suspension bridges of rope
◘ some of these rope bridged were nearly 100m in length

4) Weaponry:
◘ troops similarly armed fought together
◘ to protect themselves, men had a wooden shield with deerskin and decorated with a favorite design
◘ on their heads they wore a helmet made of chonta-plam wood
◘ most carried a sling belt of llama wood about four feet long, doubled around a stone the size of a hen’s egg and twirled it over the head
until it was released (the stone had the force of a bullet)
bolas – three stone or copper balls tied to cords fastened together in the middle
◘ when the bolas was thrown, it twisted around the arms and legs causing severe wounds
◘ club with a star-shaped head of stone, copper or silver
- a tap with this club could easily crush a skull or shatter an arm
macana - a sword-shaped club made of chonta wood
◘ axes made of copper

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