external image 0772inca.jpg1) The Inca Ruler (emperor) was called the Sapa Inca and was thought to be descended from the Sun God Inti.

2) Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo - fouded cuzco according to the legend.
(Hinds, 6-8)

3) Yahuar Huaca:
◘ by the time he became ruler, the first permanent conquests were made surrounding Cuzco

4) Viracocha , Yahuar's Son (1410-1438):
◘ was the first ruler to be called the Sapa Inca (Sapa Inca became the title for all the following rulers)
◘ made ties with neighboring people through marriage (married the daughter of the chief of Anta)
◘ made alliances with powerful Quechua (people to the north)

5) Chancas - people from the territory west of Cuzco, who tried to overrun the Inca domain (1438)
Viracocha, his heir, many nobles and warriors fled from Cuzco
◘ one group of nobles stayed behind to defend the city and were led by Viracocha's son Yupanqui
(Hinds, 8)
Inca Empire -
Expansion over the years

6) Yupanqui(1438-1471):

◘ had few troops to stay behind with him and fight the Chancas
◘ together they drove back Chancas and Cuzco was saved
◘ with the Chancas army defeated, the Inca empire was the most powerful one in the entire region
◘ took the name Pachacuti which meant 'earth shaker' or 'he who transform the world'
◘ conquered northwest of Cuzco almost all the way to the source of the Huallaga River
◘ the empire had gained a very fearsome reputation
◘ as he grew old he turned the commands of the army to his son Topa
(Hinds, 10-11)
◘ conquers Chimor between 1465-1470)
(Hinds, 72)

7)Topa (1471-1493):
became Sapa Inca when Yupanqui passed
◘ expanded the Inca land all the way north to Quito, Ecuador
◘ his victory over Chanchan was one of his greatest victories (the capital of a powerful empire, Chimor)
(Corrick, 29)
◘ extended boundaries to Bolivia and Argentina and all the way south to Maule River (present day Chile)
◘ when he died around 1493, the Inca Empire was nearly as large as it would ever be
◘ his son Huayna Capac added even more territory in the east and north,all the way to Angasmayo as well as to Ecuador and Colombia.
( Hinds, 12-13)

Inca Emperors

1. Manco Capac - Sun God
2. Sinchi Roca
3. Lloque Yupanqui
4. Maita Capac
5. Capac Yupanqui
6. Inca Roca
7. Yahuar Huacac
8. Inca Viracocha
9. Pachacuti-Inca-Yupanqui
10. Topa Inca Yupanqui
11. Huayna Capac
12. Huascar 13. Atahuallpa