Spanish Empire

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Made by: Kirtan Patel and Zac Scott
Mentor: Liliana

The Rise of The People – the Early Years

The Decline of the People – the Later Years
Map of Spanish Empire during the rise.

Map of Spanish Empire during Golden Age

Map of Spanish Empire after fall.


1568-1648- The Dutch Revolt against Habsburgs control of the Nether

· 1580 –Iberian Union was comprised of the monarchy of Aragon, Castile and Portugal until 1640.
· 1585–1604 –The Anglo-Spanish war
· 1588 –On August 8 The Spanish Armada is defeated in the English Channel
· 1598 – Philip III is crowned
· 1605 –The Treaty of London is signed.
o 1609 –The Twelve Years Truce is signed. /Expulsion of the Moriscos
o 1618–1648 –The Thirty Years war
o 1621 –Philip IV is crowned
o 1640 –The Portuguese Restoration war starts
o 1648 –The Treaty of Westphalia is signed
o 1659 –Peace of the Pyrenees
o 1665 –Philip IV dies.
o 1668 –The Treaty of Lisbon is signed
o 1675 –Charles II becomes king
o 1701–1714 –The war of the Spanish Succession